Our restaurant "Martinus" could be described as a German crossover cuisine with international influences. We offer a varied mix of classic dishes with a modern twist as well as new compositions. Our culinary orientation is underlined by local and seasonal products from regional suppliers and producers. Enjoy all this in our modern restaurant with a winter garden or on our wonderfully large sun terrace.

Day menu

Cream of parsnip soup
black bread croutons I sakura cress
€ 7.00

Lettuce from the region
yoghurt herb dressing I cucumber I tomato I pepper I radish | brown bread croutons I baguette
€ 9.00
optionally with fried strips of chicken breast
+ € 4.00

Farm chicken seasoned meat
gratinated cheese I baguette I worcester sauce
€ 8.50

Club sandwich
tramezzini bread I chicken breast I cocktail sauce I lettuce | Bacon I fried egg chips
€ 13.50

Pulled beef club burger
48-hour braised shoulder of beef I brioche I wild herbs | coleslaw I BBQ sauce I mayonnaise
€ 16.50
optionally with truffle fries + € 5.00

Slices of pastureland beef
sauteed mushrooms I soft wheat risotto
€ 18.00

Serrahner roasted potato pan I homemade cranberry jam | Anchovies I caper apple
€ 27.00

Salmon fillet
tagliatelle I butternage I cherry tomatoes I parmesan I lettuce
€ 24.00

Pappardelle grande
peppers I cream cheese I cherry tomatoes I Parmesan cheese I wild herb salad
€ 17.50

Sous-vide cooked chocolate cream
blackberry ice cream I marinated berries I crumble I Atsina
€ 8.00

Evening menu


Goat cheese creme brulee
textures of beetroot I bread chip
€ 11.00

Fjord salmon marinated in Toucan gin
smoked crème fraîche I blood orange gel I carrot chutney I marinated cress
€ 12.00


Cream of parsnip soup
mini salmon boulette I sakura cress

Sweet potato coconut cream soup
chorizo chips
€ 8.00

Meat dishes

Guinea fowl breast
pea cream I bacon crumble I tomato confit I pea straw | triplets | law
€ 23.50

Lamb rump
leek ash I radish and tomato gremolata I young corn I mashed sweet potatoes I mole sauce
€ 26.00

Rangeland beef steak
onion cream I smoked cole slaw I carrot I cheddar potatoes
€ 28.00

Fish dishes

Bodden zander fillet
celery cream I Romanesco I sea asparagus I baby potatoes I bacon crumble
€ 23.00

Fillet of Russian sturgeon
beurre blanc I mire poix I mashed wild garlic I samphire
€ 24.50

Confit char fillet
pearl barley risotto I wine foam I spinach I cherry tomato
€ 26.00


Pappardelle grande
peppers I cream cheese I cherry tomatoes I Parmesan cheese I wild herb salad
€ 17.50

Baby potato and vegetable stir-fry
caramelized goat cheese I wild herb salad
€ 16.00


Raspberry cream
nougat sand I salt caramel ice cream I Atsina
€ 8.00

Caramel Tarts
frozen yoghurt ice cream I crumble I passion fruit gel I mint
€ 8.50

Cheese selection
truffle honey I fig mustard I grape nut bread I grape
€ 13.00

For 2 people
€ 24.00

Opening hours

  • opened daily

It is necessary to reserve a table for all mealtimes - breakfast, lunch, dinner! We may not be able to guarantee catering without a reservation. We look forward to your call on Tel.+49 38456 6692-100.

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