Our meeting rooms

  Jägersaal     Valkenstube Kaminzimmer
area  7 x 10,80 m    7 x 5,80 m 6 x 5,80 m
size 75 m² 40 m² 35 m²
height 2,40 m 2,40 m 2,40 m
daylight yes yes yes
floor parquet tiling stone floor
parliament until 60 until 20 until 20
U-Form until 30 until 20 until 20
block until 20 until 20 until 20
cinema until 80 until 30 until 30


Meeting packages

The following basic services are included in all the packages:

Provision of a plenum according to your number of people
Service assistance all day, conference blocks and pens
Basic technology like 1 overhead projector, 1 screen, 1 flip chart

The basic package includes unlimited coffee, tea, drinks during the event

€ 22 p.pPackages can be upgraded

Comfort Rates
  • Coffee, tea, soft drinks unlimited during event
  • 3-course menu (2 meal to choice) incl. 1 soft drink

    per person 33.00
Complete Rate
  • Coffee, tea, soft drinks unlimited during the event
  • 3-course menu (2 meals to choose from) incl. 1 soft drink
  • buffet or 3-course menu in the evening

    per person 52
Golf Rate
  • Coffee, tea, soft drinks unlimited during the event
  • Lunch buffet or 3-course menu incl. 1 soft drink
  • buffet or 3-course menu in the evening
  • taster golf playing in the afternoon incl. instruction and equipment followed by coffee and cake in the restaurant

    per person 58
Grand Prix - Rate
  • Provision of a suitable event room
  • Writing pads and pens for each participant
  • Coffee breaks with fruity
  • 1 flipchart, 1 pinboard, 1 screen and 1 beamer
  • Freshly brewed coffee and tea specialties, as well as a variety of soft drinks are available 
  • Culinary 3 course meal or buffet for lunch, one 0,2l soft drink included
  • Dinner incl. 1 soft drink

Racing fun in a team for up to 6 hours with the largest mobile Carrera track

  • with approx. 70m racing track, 6,30m x 3,30m 
  • 2 to 6 race cars can be driven simultaneously
  • Digital time measurement and display via a computer monitor
  • Realistic landscape design and decoration
  • Construction and dismantling included
  • Support staff

Price for events with a minimum of 40 people:
Price without overnight stay p.p. from € 90,50*.
Price incl. 1 overnight stay with breakfast in a single room p.p. from € 174,00*

* Bonus:
The first 10 inquiries in our houses will receive a discount of 10
on the offer price.
If a binding booking is made for an event in the period January to March 2016, we will cover the costs of the conference package and accommodation for the event manager.