Zoo Rostock


Zoo Rostock

The Zoo Rostock is the biggest zoo on the east coast of Germany. Explore 4500 animals and 320 different species from all over the world.

Observe jaguars and other felines in the wilderness, polar bears at the “Bärenburg” (bear castle), or the rainforest pavilion with exotic birds. The nature-oriented enclosures are embedded in a unique park landscape with a variety of botanical features.

The Darwineum takes you on a journey through time. The museum offers interactive environmental education and science. Two interactive exhibitions show the biological diversity of life and evolution through time. The different epochs are hidden in different rooms and show landscapes and animal pictures.

The main attraction of the DARWINEUM is the tropical hall, home to orangutans, and gorillas. The apes share their habitat with Brazza guenons and gibbons.

Rostock Zoo is one of the most popular holiday attractions in northern Germany. It was awarded several times the “family-friendly facility.

The entrance is free for kids under the age of seven.