Martinus Brewers' Evening

14 Nov 2020,
18:00 hour

€ 49.00 p.p.

Beer is only water, malt and hops?
Our partners are regional brewers who prove that beer is more than just a standardised taste. This time Stefan Beck from the "Brauhaus am Lohberg" in Wismar will lead through the evening. From the rediscovered Wismarer Mumme to the Pale Ale, he will present his beers and give insights into the certainly not dry profession of brewing and the brewing tradition on the Baltic coast of Mecklenburg. In addition, we offer matching creative little things, which are not only inspired by beer.

Sample of 5 including food 49.00 €

Admission 6 pm / Start 6:30 pm

We look forward to your call on 038456 6692100.