Van der Valk Van der Valk Golfhotel Serrahn



Dear guest,
welcome to our Van der Valk Restaurant. Lean back and enjoy good service, an excellent choice of dishes and a comfortable ambience!


Appetizer and snacks


 Baked mozzarella balls with tomato dip € 6,50

 Salad plate with homemade vinaigrette € 6,90

 Ham meets melon € 6,90

 Roast beef € 10,50
roasted to rose with rucola salad and oven-fresh baguette and homemade remoulade 


 Fruity tomato soup with cream € 6,50

 Potato soup with ham chip € 6,50

 Serrahner fish soup with saffron € 7,50

Snack (12:00 to 17:00)

 Curry sausage with homemade curry sauce and fries € 8,90
Chicken burger € 9,50
with chicken breast, pineapple, salad, tomato, onion and mango chilli sauce
optionally with potato fries or sweet potato fries € 11,50
Club sandwich € 
with chicken, bacon, salad, egg, cucumber, tomato, roasted onions and homemade remoulade 
Club burger € 10,50
with ground beef steak, bacon, salad, cucumber, tomato, cheese, fried onions and homemade BBQ-sauce
optionally with potato fries or sweet potato fries € 12,50
Classic potato omelette € 10,50
served with gherkin compartments 
Tarte flambée “Alsace style” € 12,50
with peppers, onions, boiled ham and cheese 
Roast beef € 14,50
roasted to rose with roasted potatoes and homemade remoulade 

Main courses

Meat dishes

Mecklenburger Sauerfleisch  € 12,90
with roast potatoes and homemade remoulade 

Breaded cutlet „Viennese style“ € 13,50
with salad and potato fries or sweet potato fries 

Chicken liver € 14,50
in pomegrante jus with potato mashed with herbs

Breaded cutlet on mushroom cream € 15,90
with potato fries or sweet potato fries 

Rosted chicken breast € 16,50
wrapped in bacon on tomato frying vegetables and baby potatoes

Pork filet € 17,90
from the herb marinade with fried mushrooms and marjoram potatoes

Grilled rump steak (about 200 g) € 20,90
on bean cakes with herb butter and roasted potatoes 

Grilled entrecote (about 250 g) € 22,90
with tomato jam and sweet potato fries 


Cod filet  € 15,90
wrapped in bacon on pan vegetables with marjoram potatoes

Roasted trout with roast potatoes and small salad € 16,50

Fried herb prawns on ratatouille with linguini €17,90

Zander filet € 19,90
on the skin fried on vichy-carrots with baby potatoes

Salmon filet € 21,50
under a herb crust on mangetout on saffron foam buttered patato balls 


Potato-vegetable casserole € 10,50

Baked potato with fresh herb quark and small salad € 10,90

Linguini al a Arrabbiata € 11,90



Wild berry crumble with vanilla ice cream and pumkin seed oil € 6,50

Honey-rosemary parfait with tomato jam € 6,50

Baked chocolate ice cream in coconut coat on jellied cherries € 7,50

Our tip

Birthday children eat for free

Up to 4 persons (minimum 2 adults), valid until 1 week after your birthday, please show your passport; you can choose 1 main dish from the menu card or you can join our brunch or the buffet from our theme restaurants